Leaflet Easymap – Examples

Leaflet Easymap is a Leaflet based library for integrating maps in webpages without programming. You just include the library in your web page and every html element with class leasymap will be turned into a Leaflet map (see examples below).

Important: the element must have a height set (otherwise you'll see nothing).

Find the library and documentation on Github.

Default map
Use user location (needs https in modern browsers)
Set map center
Set map center (compact form)
Set map zoom
Set marker (at center)
Set marker and center
Set marker with tooltip
Set tooltip
Popup at center
Popup at marker
Different basemap provider
Including the leaflet-providers plugin gives more basemap choices
You can change the attribution, but you should always give credit!
Include some Geojson (click on eyes and chin for popups).
You can create geojson e.g. on geojson.io.
Warning: contents of the geojson file may be executed (e.g. scripts in the popup template). Be careful with files from unknown sources.
The whole geojson also can have a tooltip (visible on mouseover).